We have updated the Worshipful Master portion of the Blue Lodge Officer Training Program. Accompanying the new presentation is a Self Examination. Try to answer these questions to the best of your knowledge, then review your answers using the information referenced in the self-examination. Good Luck!

Worshipful Master Training is here

The WM Self Examination is here


So, you are interested in sitting in the East, but not quite sure what is involved? You have heard and witnessed the ritual and words, perhaps see the benefit of a consistent agenda, but what else is there in the duties of each office?

Just what does it mean to be a Lodge Leader? What traits and strengths should I be working on to prepare to be a Lodge Leader? Is there more to Lodge Leadership than the WM opening, going thru an agenda and closing?

All these and more will be answered during the course of this material. If you are not currently ready for the chairs, this material will help you better understand your Lodge and may improve yourself in Masonry.

Before we can be effective leaders, we must know why we are here and what is the mission of Freemasonry. Mission statements such as the one developed by our Grand Lodge, can point us in the general direction, but we must seek and study the Grand Design of Freemasonry.

  • We must focus on the MEMBERS.
  • Leading them to LEARN
  • Encouraging them to subdue their PASSIONS
  • Providing them the opportunities to IMPROVE THEMSELVES - in a myriad of ways - through the experience of Freemasonry.

Today we hope you are challenged to become stronger leaders - through practical “tricks of the trade” common sense ideas and introduction to the wealth of information available to today’s Masonic leader.