Lodge Public Relations (PR)

This section provides the Lodge Master, Wardens, and others with useful material to enhance your Lodge meeting and Program.

Each of these can be used as-is within their described environment to spark interest and activity within the Lodge in the form of personal service and outreach to both Lodge members and members of the community.

The Goshen Garden
by Bro. Gene Nelson Claybank of Lodge 908.
The first in this series. This story may be used in several settings by changing "Lodge" to the setting being addressed (church, civic organization, family, etc). It may be prefaced by the remark: “What the public needs to know about Masonry.”

MWGM Strickling Address to the Rotary Club
by Most Worshipful Bro. John Strickling
This is the transcription of an address to the Rotary Club of Decatur Alabama in 2013 when the now MW Grand Master John Strickling (2015) was the RW Senior Grand Warden. This address covered an overview of the history of Freemasonry and an explanation of its values. You may find this useful to use as a basis for communication to your community and others that might have interest in becoming a Mason.